Gaby was born in 1944 in East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She moved to live in Sydney, New South Wales with her mother and sister at the age of 7.

Recent Balloon Ride

Recent balloon ride out of Camden

As a small child she had always wanted to fly - "I would stand on a fence or wall and imagine that I could fly off into the wide world, just by flapping my arms. That dream never left me."

Gaby with daughter Mimi and partner

Gaby with daughter Mimi and partner

At the age of 33, as a single mother, Gaby decided the time had come to do something about her passion for flying. By scrimping and saving, Gaby took up flying lessons at the South Coast Aero Club, NSW. (An hour's training in those days could cost up to a week's salary.)



Gaby and VH-NEX, Maule M7260C Orion. Gaby still owns and flies her beloved “Matilda”

Gaby was hooked on flying - a passion she shared with her new husband Neville and with his support went on to gain her Commercial Pilot's Licence (1984) and Multi-engine Instrument rating (1987).

Later she added a seaplane and private helicopter licence to her aircraft licences and endorsements.

In 1989 she set off from Bankstown Sydney Australia, in a single engined Piper Saratoga to comemorate Amelia Earhart's flight around the world.

Walking in Switzerland

Walking in Switzerland


In 1993 Gaby barnstormed, solo, around Australia raising funds and was able to donate $A205,000 to The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Bike Challenge

In 2002 Gaby joined a group of 80 riders in the Postie-Bike Challenge, a 4000km ride from Brisbane to Darwin, Australia, in aid of East Timor.